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    The Macon Pan-African Festival is held in April, celebrating the heritages of Africa and African-Americans.

    Georgia has several state fairs, two of which are in Middle Georgia. The springtime Georgia State Fair is held in Macon, in May. The Georgia National Fair is also a state fair, this one in Perry, in October. Either has pretty much everything a state fair should have; rides, vendors, shows, exhibitions, and food (both agricultural and vended).

    The Ocmulgee Indian Celebration is a multi-tribe festival focusing on native culture, arts, crafts, and history, held at Ocmulgee National Monument. That site was an important meeting place, before relocation.

    The International Cherry Blossom Festival is held in Macon, in spring, roughly when the cherry trees are blossoming, and is a major draw from around the world. The festival features concerts, shows, dances, parades, fun races, theater, food vendors, and lots of cherry pink.

    The Macon Film Festival is held in late February and/or early March, and showcases independent films.

    The Douglass Theatre of Macon is a historic blues and jazz theater, restored to glory. Today it is a general purpose theater, with film, music, and theater performances. The Macon Grand Opera House features opera (surprise!), but was originally a general theater. Today The Grand hosts not only opera, but classical music, ballet, and Broadway and community theater.