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    Robins AFB, GA Local Information

    Robins Air Force Base in on the eastern border of Warner Robins, Georgia, a city of about 67,000 people, in Houston County, with about 140,000 people. Macon, Georgia is the closest major city to Robins AFB, with has about 155,000 people, and the same as Bibb County (Bibb County and Macon are a city-county). Other nearby small communities include Centerville (7,000), Perry, (10,000), and Bonaire (14,000).

    It is about 8 miles from downtown Warner Robins to Robins AFB; this takes about 22 minutes to commute (due to speed limits and traffic). The average commute in Houston County is about 20 minutes.

    Local Housing Rental Prices: The average apartment rent in the Warner Robins area ranges from $450 to $700 per month, with a median of about $575 per month.

    Local Housing Purchase Prices: The average price for a house in Warner Robins is about $113,000, compared to $160,000 for Georgia. Note: local townhouses are about $260,000, compared to about $100,000 for detached houses.

    Short Description of the Area: Warner Robins and Macon are in Central Georgia - the "Heart of Georgia" and are mid-sized communities for the state. The area is near the edge of a set of low foothills and a coastal plain, and on the edge of local wetland areas. Warner Robins and Macon both rank highly on national livability surveys and knowledge-based economy surveys.

    In the Heart of Georgia, one might see EDIMGIAFAD in the paper or on billboards - Every Day In Middle Georgia Is Armed Forces Appreciation Day (this used to mean Every Day In Middle Georgia Is Air Force Appreciation Day, but apparently there are other branches).

    Climate and Weather: The area has a humid, warm climate, with winter temperatures of the high 50s to mid 30s and summer temperatures in the low 90s to low 70s range. The area has steady rain levels, 3 to 5 inches a month, with generally clear and sunny weather. Summers hot and humid, with heat sometimes spiking over 100. Winters are mild with very little snowfall.