Robins AFB, GA - Gate Hours, Map and Status

    The gates at Robins AFB are all located on the west side of the base, which allows easy access for military personnel. Only the Main Gate 3 Watson Gate is open 24 hours, which is the location of the Visitor Control Center (VCC). Gate 1 Green Street hours are 0500-1800, M-F. Gate 5 MLK Blvd is open twice a day, M-F: 0600-0800 Inbound Only and 1500-1800 Outbound Only. Gate 14 Russell Parkway has many hours of operation, which are: M-F, 0600-0800 Inbound Only; M-Thu, 0430-2400; Fri, 0430-0100; Sat, 0500-0100; and Sun, 0500-2400. Robins AFB commercial access is Gate 4 Truck Gate, which is open 0600-1800, M-F. Gate 15 to the Air National Guard is currently Closed. With the exception of the Main Gate (Gate 3), all other gates are closed on holidays.

    Gate 3 Watson Gate - Main Gate
    Gate Operation Information: 24/7
    Gate 15 Air National Guard
    Gate Operation Information: Closed
    Gate 1 Green Street
    Gate Operation Information: Mon-Fri: 0500-1800
    Gate 4 Truck Gate
    Gate Operation Information: Mon-Fri: 0600-1800
    Gate 5 MLK Boulevard
    Gate Operation Information: Inbound: Mon-Fri 0600-0800
    Outbound: Mon-Fri 1500-1800
    Gate 14 Russell Parkway
    Gate Operation Information: Inbound Only: Mon-Fri 0600-0800
    Mon-Thu: 0430-2400
    Fri: 0430-0100
    Sat: 0500-0100
    Sun: 0500-2400